Road Design Studies

Our experience in conducting road construction studies is vast and amounts to more than 20 years in numerous projects in Greece.
During the last 10 years we have focused and carried out studies related to renewable energy development projects such as wind farm and photovoltaic park access roads.

During these years we have evolved with the use of data driven technologies, advanced equipment, and software to provide our clients with the best solutions that are defined by accuracy, agility, flexibility, speed, efficiency, and quality of deliverables.


  • Road design studies for wind farm access roads and roads connecting the wind turbines inside the wind farm.
  • Road access to photovoltaic parks
  • Construction staking of roads and interchanges
  • Geometric roadway design improvement

Road design studies are delivered according to the national legislation, the project’s and our client’s specifications.

Orthophoto map overlayed with both topographic vector elements and road study