Land Surveys

We conduct integrated land surveys for multiple technical projects, with the use of photogrammetric methods using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and conventional methods taking into account:

• the needs of our clients
• current local legislation

Our know-how amounts to more than 20 years of experience in topographical studies (surveying studies), with a variety of applications, aiming at quality, accuracy, consistency, and speed of deliverables.


  1. Land surveys for:
    • road construction
    • development of renewable energy projects such as wind farm constructions and photovoltaic park installations
    • urban planning
    • hydraulic studies, architectural surveying, and coastal projects.
  2. Topographic plans for the determination of seashore and beach limits.
  3. Construction survey and staking.
  4. Topographic plans of private properties for the following:
    • contracts
    • issuance of building permits
    • land segmentation
    • plant cover certification issued by forest office
    • implementation of urban planning