Aerial Photography

We provide aerial photography services with the use of state-of-the-art drone technology to meet the needs of our customers.

Topographers is one of the first companies to engage in aerial photography in Greece since 2010 with the use of our own manmade drones.

Our equipment is constantly renewed with the aim of providing the fastest and highest quality services following the latest technological advancements.

For this purpose, we the use of remotely controlled electrical multicopters – drones for smaller coverage areas as well as fixed-wing (WingtraOne gen II) UAVs to cover very large areas and projects.

The flights are planned either by the pilot through the remote control, or autonomously with the scheduling of the flight via PC. In addition, the flights are performed by experienced pilots who hold the necessary certificates from the Civil Aviation Authority for drone operators, complying with security regulations.


  • Construction studies 
  • Monitoring the progress of construction projects
  • Promotion of archaeological sites
  • Architectural studies to restore neoclassical buildings and traditional villages
  • Surveying of inaccessible areas such as quarries, areas with landslide activity, water covered areas etc.
  • Surveying of objects such as high voltage pillars, wind turbine blades, furnaces etc.
  • Commercial presentation of private properties-hotels
  • Promotion of tourist locations and sights
Technical Studies
Archeological Sites
Architectural Design