Aerial Mapping

Topographers provides photogrammetric mapping using drones to produce orthophoto maps and three-dimensional models for various projects.

Orthophoto map Εtoliko, Greece
Orthophoto map of the Garden at the Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, Greece

Our experience with photogrammetric surveying begins in 1999 with the project “Excavation of the Neolithic settlement Kantou-Koufovounou in Cyprus” using traditional photogrammetric techniques.

Following technological advances in 2010 we began our experience with aerial mapping and evolved from analog to digital photogrammetry.


  • renewable energy technical project development
  • large infrastructure projects
  • mapping archaeological sites
  • building facades
  • mapping quarries, coastal lines, residential areas, hazardous or inaccessible areas etc.

Aerial Mapping can produce the following:

  • Point cloud (LAS, LAZ, E57 etc)
  • Orthophoto map: an image of the entire area, which can be used to measure true dimensions and enriched with grid, contours, the coastal line etc.
  • Digital elevation model: a 3D depiction of the area, which can be given in many forms, such as contours, triangulated irregular network or colored terrain maps
3D Model and Orthophoto map
Απεικόνιση ψηφιακού μοντέλου εδάφους με ισοϋψείς, με χρωματική διαβάθμιση ανάλογα με το υψόμετρο και δίκτυο τριγώνων.

Tinting Map, Digital Elevation Model with Contours, and Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)