Our History


We continue to learn and grow from experience and technological developments.

Our main focus is providing solutions to our clients. For this reason we remain a strategic service provider for local and international clients in a substantial number of large-scale infrastructure and renewable energy projects in Greece.

Our equipment and software are constantly updated in response to the technical needs and the demands of our customers’ projects. We use data driven technology to support the project implementation.

We are Certified UAV Operators – EASA – Levels A1/A2/A3.

We collaborate with important clients in the field locally and internationally.

2017 Photovoltaic Parks

Starting this year, the participation in numerous projects for the development of photovoltaic parks in Greece is added to our experience.

2010 The UAV Experience

After extensive research and testing, 2010 is the year that we begin to use unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, to systematically carry out aerial mapping projects using aerial photography.

We are focused on the use of UAV’s for a multitude of applications including:

  • The development of wind farm and other large infrastructure projects.
  • Detailed mapping of elaborate facades of buildings and monuments and archaeological excavations on large-scale orthophoto maps.
  • The mapping of inaccessible or even high-risk areas.
  • Monitoring the progress of civil works and infrastructure projects.
  • Surveying large areas.

2004 – The Wind Farm Experience

A long cooperation with major wind farm developers begins in addition to the support, on the spot, at construction sites, with conventional instruments.


Costas Patilokostopoulos and Dimitris Stasinos establish their office in Athens, Greece to provide technical services in infrastructure development.

The previous 10-year experience of the team members in road studies and land surveying sets the foundation for cooperation. The customers include the public and private sector.

Their activity covers:

  • Implementation of road designs and land surveying for transportation studies as contractors or subcontractors.
  • Monitoring of technical works.
  • Providing technical consultation on various infrastructure projects.
  • Supporting real estate projects.